Terms & Conditions

PRIVACY POLICY:  Any and all data collected by New Heights Career Services will not be shared to anyone other than the client. New Heights Career Services respects your privacy and takes precautions to protect your information.

PROJECT SCOPE & CONSULTATION: Your résumé and job search services will be prepared based on information provided at start of project. If additional or new information is introduced, additional fees for consultation, writing or revisions may be applicable.

RELEASE FROM GUARANTEES: This agreement and the production of your résumé and career coaching does NOT constitute a guarantee for an interview, as this is a subjective process on behalf of the employer. New Heights Career Services also cannot take any responsibility for this document after the finalization process. Additionally, you are also agreeing to ultimately take responsibility for guaranteeing the accuracy of this document upon receipt of the draft which will include proofreading instructions provided by New Heights Career Services. Résumé writers can make mistakes, and it is incumbent upon the client to assume all responsibility for accuracy and truthfulness in the document produced.

PROOFREADING: Clients are given a revision period of 7 days to request up to 3 edits/changes.  Clients are asked to check all data for accuracy and completeness. If corrections are needed, clients are asked to forward them via e-mail to admin@newheightscs.net. New Heights Career Services is not responsible for errors or omissions that are “missed” during the proofreading process.

REVISIONS: Up to three sets of revisions (based on original material provided) are included in the quoted fee. If you wish to make discretionary revisions or more than three sets of revisions, additional writing, rework, and/or consultation fees may apply ($45 minimum charge). Additionally, a significant departure from the original draft provided will incur additional fees as this constitutes a completely different document and viewed as a different résumé.

ELECTRONIC FILES & DISK COPIES: New Heights Career Services cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files with client systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features. Please note that New Heights Career Services does not provide technical support on document formatting and cannot guarantee system compatibility or the successful transfer of formatting features.

PAYMENT & REFUND POLICIES: Full payment is required before any drafts are provided to client to prevent any pirating of completed work to date. Fees are not refundable once work on project has begun. Cancellation of project prior to completion by client will result in 50% refund of payment made to compensate New Heights Career Services for time spent preparing in advance of resume research and for time spent conducting client consultation. Please note: all quotes, proposals, and rates are valid for seven (7) days only.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Unless other arrangements are made, client agrees to finalize résumé (or accept work as written) within 30 days from date of payment. Client also agrees that he/she is solely responsible for meeting this deadline and that New Heights Career Services is not liable for any changes requested by client after the expiration of the 30-day window. Any changes requested after 30 days will result in additional fees incurred by client.

COACHING SERVICES:The Career Coach agrees to provide career coaching services to the Client. These services may include but are not limited to resume writing, interview coaching, job search strategy development, and career guidance.

DURATION OF SERVICES: All services provided under this Agreement must be rendered within one (1) year from the date of purchase. This includes completion of all coaching sessions, resume revisions, and other agreed-upon deliverables.

COACHING SESSIONS: It is the responsibility of the Client to schedule coaching sessions with the Career Coach. All coaching sessions must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. The Career Coach will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the Client’s schedule for coaching sessions.

COACHING CANCELLATION POLICY: Once a coaching session is scheduled, it is the Client’s responsibility to cancel or reschedule in a timely manner if necessary. The Career Coach requires at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to provide timely notice may result in the session being counted as conducted.

NO-SHOW APPOINTMENTS: In the event of a no-show appointment, the missed session will count toward the total number of conducted sessions. The Client understands that excessive no-shows may impact the availability of future coaching sessions.


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