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Let me take a guess:

You are frustrated with your current job and you keep applying for roles and not getting any responses.

You are tired of being stuck in your position but can’t seem to get that new opportunity.

You want a new career and winging your job search has been exhausting. It’s time to get paid your worth, and get the job you love. 

You’ve recognize the value that you bring to an organization and no longer want to be underemployed


The SOAR Coaching is an experience that enables you to remove limiting beliefs and embrace a customized strategy that prioritizes your ultimate goals and passions, both personally and professionally. The coaching program is designed to help you shatter the corporate glass ceiling because you no longer want to settle and dim your light, and are ready to elevate your career.

What if I told you that…

You don’t need more experience, another degree, or a laundry list of certifications.

It is time to release and refocus. You have outgrown your current role and being underemployed is no longer your “jam”. You deserve the new career, job title, salary. The past rejection letters will no longer validate you. The previous comments will no longer define you. Your elevation is long overdue. You just need a clear customized strategy to take you to new heights. 

Introducing SOAR: The Career Coaching Program

The  1-on-1 coaching program designed by a HR Trailblazer with custom approaches to increase income by 5-6 figures without needing more professional development, more experience, another degree, or more certifications.

Partner with an HR Professional for an individualized and strategic approach to your job search. We’ll work together to slash your career challenges and enhance your earning potential.


Underemployed • adjective : A highly skilled and accomplished professional becomes stuck in a low skill role but doubt, assumptions, and unforeseen obstacles delay the career progression.

Hi! I’m LaShanda Houston

Meet your HR   Homegirl & Career Coach

Hi! I’m LaShanda Houston

Founded by LaShanda Houston, MSHRM, SHRM-CP, PHR, HR Director, Resume Writer, and Career Coach. Ex-Underemployed employee who has dedicated herself to propelling outcomes inside and outside of the organization. This program was crafted using tools with proven outcomes.
This framework was created to empower people to reach new heights.

You’ve revamped your resume, and maybe even hired a resume writer previously, but still not getting called for interviews.

Whether you’ve highlighted accomplishments on your resume or taken advice from someone else it frustrates you because you still can’t get hiring managers to see your true value.


You possess the transferable skills, yet struggle with clearly communicating them.

You know that you can perform the role and may have done the job before but can’t seem to get a response. You have everything a future employer is looking for.

You’ve spent hours applying for jobs, only to receive rejection after rejection.

Or maybe you’ve landed some interviews, and can’t seem to make it to the final round.

You’ve considered going back to school or getting a certification just to get ahead.

But you are torn between the best and fastest course of action. Meanwhile you’ve settled on the fact that maybe you should just wait to get promoted at your current job.

Introducing SOAR: The Career Coaching Program

The Curriculum

Module 1: Career Mapping/ Career Identification
Jumpstarting your career starts with reframing your goals and mapping out your path. We stragically connect the lines between your transferable skills and desirable careers.
Module 2: Career Path Development
We’ll eradicate fears and self-doubt in order to devise bold career objectives and goals that truly uplift your personal desires, values, & non-negotiables in your new career.

Module 3: Resume with Results & Strategy Session
The creation of your resume masterpiece is deeply enhanced through 1-on-1 collaboration that clarifies your value and achievements.

Module 4: The Job Search Plan
We partner together to devise your unique job search plan while identifying ways to accelerate interviews.
Module 5: Interview Like a Boss
Practice interviewing with a HR professional. Learn the secrets to verbalize your strengths and signature skills, that will leave interviewers eager to offer the job.
Module 6: Negotiate the Non-Negotiables
Never leave anything on the table and ensure that your next job meets your professional and personal needs.
Module 7: Positioning for the Promotion
Your career growth is contigent upon your ability to constantly evaluate and evolve. Let’s roll-out a strategy that’ll yield a continuous ROI for your career

What's Included In The Program?

individual coaching sessions

Unpack your career challenges and questions and gain clarity and insight to help elevate your professional development.

Signature Curriculum

A framework birthed from the operational experiences of a HR professional and curated by proven success from resume writing strategies.

Signature Resources

The step-by-step guides with all the instructions and writing space to steer your job search experience.

Unlimited Voice Coaching & Text/Email Support

Get prompt support, guidance, and feedback from your career coach aka accountability partner.

Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Profile Creation

Career documents created to position you as the Subject Matter Expert for your targeted career.

DISC Assessment

A laser-focused tool designed to identify your qualities, skills, and help identify careers based upon your psychological data.

New Heights Blast

Put your job search in cruise control and land up to 3x more interviews with our signature resume distribution + 3 months of “we’ll do it” job search tool


This is for you if:

  • You have an established work experience
  • You are motivated to trust the process
  • You are willing to dive into your expertise
  • You want to implement and take charge
  • You no longer want to be tied to limiting beliefs

This is not for you if:

  • You want to wait on your current employer
  • You care deeply about the advice your friends give
  • You can not find time to identify your value
  • You are not willing to implement innovative approaches
Our Soar coaching packages include personalized coaching sessions and professionally crafted career documents tailored to your specific needs and goals and therefore there are no refunds. We offer a 90-day service guarantee. If you are not landing interviews within 90 days, New Heights Career Services will partner with you to reposition your job search success.

Due to the precise individualization of the program, clients across all industries can benefit from the Soar-Career Pilot Program.

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