Resources You Need to Spear through Competition and Articulate Your Amazingness

At New Heights Career Services, our goal is to help you open career doors and get more interviews. From quality services tailored to your targeted job search to digital downloads designed exclusively to help you transition smoothly to the next career level, we go above and beyond to help with your career progression.

Here's a quick overview of the digital downloads LaShanda has created to help candidates overcome common obstacles faced in today’s job market and corporate workforce.

Career Change Toolbox

Experience the Path of Professional Happiness

Did you know that the average person spends nearly 90,000 hours of their life at work? A large portion of your days is spent at work. With a CAREER CHANGE, you can achieve professional happiness when money doesn’t motivate and your overall happiness is depleted. This FREE toolbox is designed to help you with your career change.

Available for free, simply download and use this checklist to successfully transition into a new industry, new position, or a new career altogether.


Elevating Your Job Search


The pandemic has taken a toll on many industries worldwide. Currently, the world is experiencing one of the worst career crisis and economic downturn. Thus, searching for a new position can be daunting.

Purchase our e-book 'Elevate Your Job Search' to learn the best practices for managing your job search strategically. Moreover, you'll also learn how to build a job search support network and plan for how you will respond to requests for information about your job search.


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Salary Negotiations in 2021

Let’s normalize getting paid according to your worth. Negotiate a salary that you deserve. Our Salary Negotiations in 2021 eBook was written to share tips and tricks on how to negotiate your salary with HR recruiters and hiring managers. This guide is what you need to:

  • Know what people with your experience and expertise are worth.
  • Pick your top range and wiggle room to still end up with a salary you're pleased with.


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